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If you don’t know how to make one single sale, how are you going to sell more to the rest of your customers?

It is easier to help your customer buy what they want rather than to be stuck on trying to sell them something. Think about it, nobody sells you anything, you’re the one who decides to buy what interests you. This is why this is a sales workshop, so you can sell.

How do we do that? By the 5 step method: F.A.C.I.L. This model develops the “smooth purchase”, so you can help your client make the decision they want.


In this sales workshop we guide the vendor step by step, in a simple and clear way to identify sales behaviors that produce results. In this workshop you learn to sell because you help your customer buy what they want.


We engage the participants in sales situations that they must lead to be able to discover behaviors that work. Each vendor will become aware of how they sell and discover concrete ways they have left to improve. We build the sales workshop from the actual experience of each participant.

Alejandro makes us participate in his sales exercises, and at the same time is involved in order to help us understand which sales behaviors and effective and which are ineffective. He makes everything very clear. His style is very dynamic, fast and straight to the point, without prose or strange theories.


With Alejandro we have obtained concrete results. His sales workshops are pure action, we bought them! Our salespeople believe in his model and it has already given them a competitive advantage.


What an exciting two days you have made us live! We thank you for the breath of fresh air, for making things easy and teaching us how nice the art of selling is. The course flies by thanks to the exercises, activities, simulations and laughter of all the participants. Thank you for being so friendly.


Alejandro is a great communicator who brings out your own sales skills and how to transmit them to your customers. His best qualities are his great results, creativity and ease of communication with others.


Alejandro´s methology improves our negotiation & sales skills. No boring PowerPoint at all, not even academic concepts, just action. He starts with the plane game, then many negotiation simutations and ends with his Game Show!


Alejandro won the trust of the group thanks to his friendliness, he knew just how.
His negotiation workshop has helped both our sales team and purchasing team. The contents are very valuable, especially the methodology used to help us learn how to improve our negotiations.


The sales workshop is very exciting! Its aim is action; transform the way we sell. And Alejandro succeeds. The workshop material is first class for its quality and because it helps you apply what you have learned.


It’s a workshop without power point! there are only simulations, games and practical sales exercises. The methodology has helped us understand our client better, it has clearly shown us how a healthy conversation should flow in our sales visits. In fact, we repeated the workshop.


With the workshops we enjoy learning, and learn by doing. He makes us become aware of our own starting point at the time our selling or negotiating skills. From there helps us discover the most effective behavior to negotiate or sell.