The 5×5 Negotiation Workshop

will make you more skilled

“We negotiate every day with customers, associates, suppliers…” Are you sure?

If we all did, we would negotiate with less anxiety, but instead we do it with uneasiness and uncertainty. How is this possible? Because most of us think we are negotiating, when we are merely dicussing about price

Behaving in a “natural” way  is not enough. Reacting instinctively to their moves itsn´t enough. Skilled negotiators choose to behave in a “conscious” way to increase their effectiveness.

We break down every negotiation in five phases. They will identify the phase they are in and then they will choose the appropriate set of behaviors associated with that phase to go through the trading process. They will gain specific skills to secure the best outcome.


This two-day workshop is preceded by a pre-workshop briefing and a short quiz to have an insight of your starting point.  In the classroom, delegates will performance short dynamic simulations to practice the key behaviors.

Simulations are not role-plays. They will learn by being their normal selves, they won’t have to act an imaginary role. They will focus on the negotiating issues; they will prepare, plan and then conduct negotiations to develop practical skills that will give them control of the negotiating process. They will understand how negotiations are managed and they will improve their negotiation skills.


They will participate in 9 negotiating simulations to learn from their own experience. The simulations are graded from basic to more complex. This negotiation workshop is about the identification and practice of the appropriate skills  when negotiating.

The negotiation workshop style is agile and with many changes of pace. You will not find academic definitions or boring and endless PowerPoint presentations that only invite astral travel and loss of consciousness.

We will provide them the right skills and the opportunity to put it into practice. All the simulations are challenging and entertaining because we also want them to have fun. In this negotiation workshop they will find action and clear solutions to encourage them to apply the skills discovered

We will measure the investment in USD and guarantee it. If they don´t get a return on this investment we will refund their money, nothing more, nothing less.

We have found that negotiating has nothing to do with haggling nor surrendering. The 5×5 model has helped us to add value to the agreements with our customers and suppliers. Not only that, his workshop is fun and very dynamic!


His negotiation workshops are based on facts, not mere opinions. The statistics he shows us with the most effective behaviors are verified and confirmed in all simulations we have experienced in the workshops.


The negotiation workshop draws us in through negotiation simulations that require very little preparation time and a lot of implementation. The workshop focuses on practicing effective behaviors. Today we can identify the behaviors that work and those that do not.


Alejandro has given us a negotiation model that allows us to prepare and plan our negotiations in a simple and rational manner. In his workshops we have praticed the tools and we have began to incorporate them to our behavior. His model simply works.


Alejandro´s negotiation worshop delivers results. His  teaching method stimulates self-knowledge, promotes awareness and leads to long-term behavioural change.


The mayority of our team have participated in Alejandro´s negotiation training. We are determined to get the most of it, and we are implementing all the negotiation behaviors as a formal tool in our company to dramatically improve our negotiations outcome.


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to improve your skills in trading, not in concedingFRESH