It makes no sense to hire

intelligent people and then

tell them how to do things


Do you inspire success, or do you only manage failure?

Are your managers helping people reach their full potential?

Reaching your company’s goal depends on the commitment and proactive behavior of those on the front line. Do your employees come to you with solutions, or only with the problems? Do they ask you questions instead of thinking for themselves? Is it obligation or enthusiasm that gets them going? Are they ready to copy your own example? Do you engage in two-way conversations or deliver one-way lectures?

What are the challenges your managers struggle with?  

Do you see your employees as the major source of problems?

Encourage your team members to improve at answering their own questions and thinking for themselves.

How many Bacpack Manager and Answer Managers are still in your comany?

Sequential Methodology

Our method is designed to achieve sustainable behaviour change. The whole program takes place within 5 sessions where positive confrontational feedback is essential for behaviour change.

We leave a month between each session to give time for participants to practice these new learned skills in their real work environment. This allows the focus in learning on real individual experience. This methodology helps them move from concept to action. We transform managerial behavior, not people, in a lasting way.

The number one reason people leave their jobs is because of their supervisors

Does the image of yourself as manager matches up with your daily actions? Employee engagement is directly linked to the effectiveness of their managers. Very often managers solve all the problems and make all the decisions.

Are your managers costing your company money?

Leading employees is not a natural behavior that comes to you at the time you become a manager, it requires you to develop correct behaviors to bring out the full potential of your team. Are your managers in constant reaction mode or do they take a systematic approach to improving performance? Managers spend most of their time reacting to problems because they lack of an effective and solid set of management skills. How do you communicate difficult decisions? Do you disappoint with the truth or please with a lie? How to manage those employees that have not carried out their job properly? Endless meetings have you down? How many pointless PowerPoint presentations are you’re taking in each week?

Thanks to Alejandro´s modern meeting model we have a tool to hold less meetings, and to make them more rational and productive. In fact, we have reduced the number of meetings to increase the quality of our conversations. Our managers have evaluated the usefulness of this program and the closeness to reality taught by Alejandro.


We bet on Alejandro because of his communication skills and because he makes it easy. He always translates things into real examples. He attracts the audience, and right from the beginning of his leadership workshop he wins us over. We trust him and confirm that his message has travelled through our organization.


Thanks to the leadership workshop our conversations with the entire team is more productive. We now have an equal and modern way of leading that allows us to eliminate conflicts and to have a faster work flow. It is what we wanted, lots of action with results, and no theory.


The leadership workshop has provided our managers with the tools to develop the talent of our employees. There is a before and after. The methodology does not take much time, gets right to the point without frills. Much humor, simplicity, love and much rigor.


The leadership course is straightforward, with many examples adapted to our retail business. It has given our managers easy tools to flourish the talent of their teams. The model has worked for us, much action and very few transparencies.


We have developed two types of programs with Alejandro. Leadership and negotiation. We continue to confide in him because of the great results both programs are providing.


The leadership workshop aims to get the team to work by enthusiasm and not only out of obligation. During the sequential workshop we discovered, through exercises and situations that we have to solve behavior to be able to mobilize our team to commit itself with excitement on the company’s goals.