Alejandro is right on when he states in his book that objections are created by vendors not by customers!

Ana Bustamante, Sales Director

To sell you must “want” and this necessarily happens to “want” be in the street. And this “want”, which until recently was not in style, it is now imperative. “Selling is easy” it gives you that energy, that excitement, that I want to sell, with concrete tools easy to use, with immediate transfer to the workplace.

Enrique Diaz-Maurino, training manager


I want it! many vendors will learn from this book that contains Alejandro´s essence: a book deep from the heart with large doses of enthusiasm,

Emilio del Águila. Training director


A book that grabs you, because selling is very difficult and Alejandro manages to give the reader tools to sell through relationships, as he does daily.

Jordi Casas. Human Resources Manager Southern Europe

This is not a book about how to sell, it is a treatise on the essence of communication and its application to promote a decision that favors us.

Justo Martinez. Director of Cosentino Corporate School