A must for anyone who wants to venture into negotiation techniques in a simple and very didactic way.

Rafael Llopis, Marketing Director

Only Alejandro is able to make easy, personal and fun, this concept that seemed so complex. When he explains, you get two concepts that are full of universality and simplicity. This book will make the reader enjoy and give them the keys that will bring on great security.

Diego García, training director


A dangerous and subversive book! Alejandro Hernandez presents and synthesizes in a pleasant, rigorous and practical way the best systems and negotiation tricks of the century. Make sure that your boss or your competitors do not read it before you!

Alberto de Lucio, Managing Director

In this time of change it is when negotiation becomes even more important. This book should be read by all professionals who want to make a difference.

Ramón Baeza, Managing Director


Alejandro Hernandez offers you some of the best negotiation techniques using real examples explained in a simple and direct way between the author and one of his readers, an example of a problem with a tenant. The readers experience will gradually show all the behaviors and skills of individual negotiation experts.

Alienta. PLANETA