Behaving in a “natural” way while negotiating is not enough. Reacting instinctively to the movements of the other party is not enough. Skilled negotiators choose to behave in a “conscious” manner because they know they will increase their effectiveness. They repeat behaviors that produce results. These “conscious” behaviors are the ones we train in this workshop.

Most of us think we are negotiating, when in reality we are bargaining.

With the 5 + 5 model you will reduce your anxiety when you negotiate because you will lead the process. It is a model that divides each negotiation in 5 steps and provides you with a worksheet in 5 steps: Planner 5. You will leave the workshop ready to obtain results in euros for your company.


This negotiation workshop will improve your negotiation skills.

You will identify the most effective behaviors and know at what point you have to use them in your negotiations. You will train these behaviors in the classroom in a positive learning environment. You will live your future negotiations with less anxiety because you will lead the negotiating process rather than react to the movements of the other party.


You will participate in 9 negotiating cases so you can learn from your own experience. The teaching method is based on the skill discovery found by the participants and put to practice in the classroom to reinforce these learned behaviors.

The training style is agile, with many changes of pace and lots of fun. You will not find academic definitions or boring and endless PowerPoint presentations that only invite astral projection. You will find action, concrete, clear and simple solutions that permeate participants and encourage them to implement everything learned.

We will measure your investment in euros and guarantee it. If you don´t get a return on this investment we will refund your money, nothing more, nothing less.

Alejandro develops his negotiation workshops with respect, in a simple and easy format to understand. His workshops are very fast and entertaining. He enjoys each one as if it where his first, with the same desire, passion, friendliness and effort. His 5 + 5 model of negotiation works and adds value to memories


He has offered us negotiation tools that work and we have implemented them immediately. The workshops are rigorous because they rely on a proven model. Participants leave the course very encouraged because they learn clear and easy ideas to use. We continue to confide in Alejandro.


With Alejandro we have found that negotiating has nothing to do with bargaining nor surrendering. The 5 +5 model has helped us to add value to the agreements with our customers and suppliers. Not only that, His workshop is fun and very dynamic!


Alejandro has given us a negotiation model that allows us to prepare and plan our negotiations in a simple and rational manner. In his workshops you practice his tools and you begin to incorporate them to your behavior. His model simply works.


His negotiation workshops are based on facts, not mere opinions. The statistics he shows us with the most effective behaviors are verified and confirmed in all simulations we have experienced in the workshops. For example, do not accept to split down the middle.


The methodology is straightforward, clear and well structured. He first confronts us with ourselves positively so that we question the current way we negotiate, later, from the starting point of each individual, he builds the negotiation workshop. This workshop is tailored for individuals and takes into account individuals.


The negotiation workshops produce results; they measure the return on investment in euros. They do this through the 5 + 5 negotiation model. A simple an easy model to understand, and above all, easy to put into immediate practice. Each workshop is measured in euros to ensure our investment.


Alejandro´s negotiation worshop delivers results. He´s  teaching method stimulates self-knowledge, promotes awareness and leads to long-term behavioural change.


The negotiation workshop draws us in through negotiation simulations that require very little preparation time and a lot of implementation. The workshop focuses on practicing effective behaviors. Today we can identify the behaviors that work and those that do not.


Alejandro has questioned in a very positive way, and with great respect, our way of negotiating. The 5 + 5 model has given us a simple tool for planning our negotiations to give value to our business deals. We participated in short and useful negotiations that were used to discover step by step the behaviors that work.


We have repeated Alejandro´s negotiation workshop because of the great results we have achieved. The 5 + 5 model and his negotiation models have brought the value we were looking for our company.


The mayority of our team have participated in Alejandro´s negotiation training. We are determined to get the most of it, we are implementing all the negotiation behaviors as a formal tool in our company to dramatically improve our negotiations outcome.


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